Nature Kindergarten in Sooke

This is a Ted Talk I watched about how a Nature Kindergarten program was set up in Sooke. Frances Krusekopf spoke about how she noticed children playing outdoors is getting less and less common these days in order to avoid discomfort and danger and because children are often distracted by electronics. Risk taking is so important to the development to the child as a whole though! Also, playing outdoors offers much more space and possibilities. She spent four months in Germany where her son attended a Forest Kindergarten program, something that is traditional for the country. She was inspired by the program and wanted to bring something similar to BC. With the help of other collaborators she set up a program in Sooke at a school next to a forest and a lagoon, where the kindergarten students spend two and a half hours outside every morning. The students had gains in four areas compared to regular kindergarten programs. These areas were: locomotor skills, assertiveness, cooperation and self-control. There are now 20 similar program all over BC. I highly recommend watch this video if you are interested in this topic.


6 thoughts on “Nature Kindergarten in Sooke

  1. From your post and recent articles, videos, and studies I would definitely agree with the amount positive benefits outdoor education has for students. I also agree that we don’t see children playing outside as much anymore. I hope to see this change so that our students will learn to value and appreciate the environment around us in order to build a strong future. Love this post! 🙂

  2. Great post Cass, this information is so important! I loved how you talked about risk taking and how outdoor play supports this. Children are not getting enough time outside to play and explore and it’s greatly influencing the development of the whole child. October 25th is national ‘take me outside day’ yep and actual day to encourage people to take kids outside to play! I am looking forward to reading your next post!

    1. Wow, ‘take me outside day’ thats so crazy. I think that children and adults should both spend more time outdoors and appreciate nature. It can be scary watching children take risks, not knowing what the outcome will be but it is so important that they get the opportunity to do so!

    1. What kind of things did you teach? I definitely think that it could be as beneficial with intermediate students as well. I want to try and implement sit spots (a personal spot where students can go and observe and reflect at the same spot whenever they go outside) with my grade 4/5s in the spring because there is a forest right next to our school.

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