Quote that Spoke to Me

“Imagine a child playing in a small patch of woods, where the trees might be hiding places, the foundation for a fort or branches to jump and swing. The tall grade in the understory might be a bed, a hiding spot or a farmer’s field. Now compare the imaginative possibilities this child has with a slide or swing.”

-Deanna Erickson and Julie Athman Ernst, NACC 2011


I think that this quote nicely shows the endless opportunities for students developing their imaginations outside! I imagine a lot of core competencies being used in the mentioned situation. Students would be communicating with each other, thinking creatively and solving problems.


4 thoughts on “Quote that Spoke to Me

  1. This is brilliant! If only we would revert away from the plastics and metals we are now so used to seeing as the spaces for our kids to play in. Get out and explore! Let the imagination go wild! This should be made into one of those motivational posters :p Why do you think that even with so much research we are arguably slow to get our school programs back outside?

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